A Warm Welcome to New Zealand

Live with a local family. Settle in. Find your home away from home.

Make New Zealand Homestay Your #1 Choice

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Real Kiwi experience in a welcoming local home

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World-class homestay standards and policies to ensure a quality stay

Host safety screening inc. police vetting and home inspections

Exclusive homestay insurance coverage for students and hosts

Local staff and professional 24/7 multilingual support line

Easy payments including online banking, credit card and more

What to Expect from a New Zealand Homestay

Homestay is the ideal way to begin your time in New Zealand. You will live with a local family (your host), experience the culture and get to know the city you’ll be living in.

Our team will match you with a host who shares a similar lifestyle and interests to establish a good connection from the start of your stay. You will have your own space, but your hosts will be there to look out for you, talk to, and share new experiences with.

You are encouraged to share information about your home culture and country to enjoy a unique cultural exchange with your host.

New Zealand Homestay is based on the successful model established by the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) in 2007.


  • Host selection and screening
  • Quality homestay close to your school
  • Clean and furnished room
  • Meals as per your chosen package*
  • Internet access
  • Utilities (water, electricity and gas) and laundry facilities
  • Homestay insurance for students and hosts
  • Pre-departure online orientation
  • Local orientation with homestay host
  • On-the-ground support from AHN
  • 24/7 critical incident hotline
  • Automated payments for students and hosts

* NZH offers a variety of packages – meals will be provided as booked. Visit the Student Pricing page for more info.

How our Homestays Work

  • Submit your homestay application (minimum stay is 4 weeks)
  • Create your NZH profile
  • Receive a quote for your stay
  • Pay your invoice
  • NZH will match you with a local host family (approximately 4 weeks prior to your arrival)
  • Placement is finalised
  • Receive your host family’s details (you can contact your hosts and start getting to know them)
  • Arrive in New Zealand and meet your homestay family
  • Enjoy your homestay – Good luck with your studies!

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