Our Standards

Properly managed, standards-based homestay is the ideal way for a new international student to be introduced to living in New Zealand.

A good homestay program will help international students settle in, make local connections and gain the confidence to move into long-term accommodation and decide where to live in their new city.

New Zealand Homestay aims to provide a high level of care for all international students in our program. The following standards will be followed at a minimum for each placement.

1. An Online Portal for both registering, tracking and monitoring all placements with secure log in access available to Education Providers, Agents, Hosts, Students (and their Parents). The portal is to show live ‘real time’ data and be able to provide relevant and detailed stakeholder reports as appropriate for that stakeholder.

2. Appropriate Compulsory Insurance Cover ensuring cover for both hosts and students, including:

Coverage TypeAmount
Legal liability for students (including damages)$20 million
Host liability insurance for student personal injury and property damage$20 million
Contents insurance covering personal effects for students while in the host’s home$10,000

3. Local Representatives to ensure that there is local support to assist with any requirements.     

4. Compulsory Host Background, Host Room Checks and Host Training for approved host families and supporting data to demonstrate the training has taken place. This ensures that all approved hosts have the appropriate personal clearances and meet the required standards of homestay accommodation.

5. Student Orientation which is documented and comprehensive. This ensures that the student has access to adequate and appropriate information prior to their arrival.

6. Comprehensive Policy Documentation outlining expectations and responsibilities of student, host family and homestay provider. This includes a confirmed Host Agreement signed by all host families outlining appropriate policies and the host obligations.

7. Professional 24/7 Emergency Support and critical incident strategy where professional staff are fully trained to triage the call and follow documented protocols.

8. Accountable Host Payments ensuring that there is ongoing transparency, management and accountability for all payments made on behalf of the student to the homestay host.